5 Creative 3D Lettering STYLES for Beginners and Experts

Introduction to 3D Lettering

For centuries, typography has played a pivotal role in shaping the way messages are conveyed and received. From age-old manuscripts to modern-day billboards, the style, depth, and dimension of letters breathe life into words.

At BHMA, we recognise that in today's fast-paced, visual-centric world, the need for stand-out design is more critical than ever. And that's precisely where 3D lettering comes into play. Offering a tangible sense of depth and a dynamic perspective, 3D letters can turn an ordinary sign into a captivating visual masterpiece.

But what exactly is 3D lettering? In its essence, 3D lettering is all about creating letters with depth, making them pop out of their environment. It’s not just about the letters themselves but how they interact with light, shadow, and their surroundings.

We, at BHMA, proudly offer a diverse range of Letters for Signs. Whether you're looking for Flat Cut Acrylic Letters that provide a sleek, modern touch, Moulded Acrylic Letters that exude elegance, Fully Formed 3D Lettering that truly stands out, or Flat Cut Aluminium Letters that marry durability with style, we have got you covered.

And to make your installation process smooth and hassle-free, we provide a free fixing template with every purchase.

Join us on this journey as we delve deeper into the five creative 3D lettering styles that are not only turning heads but also revolutionising the way brands communicate.

Whether you're a beginner looking to dip your toes or an expert ready to elevate your designs, BHMA is here to guide and inspire you.

Aluminium Letters Assorted Colours

Style 1: Classic Embossed

The Classic Embossed style stands as a favourite amongst designers and brands alike. With its signature raised letters, this style brings a sense of depth, prominence, and sophistication to any signage.

What is Classic Embossed?

Classic Embossed lettering evokes a tactile experience, where letters rise from the surface, demanding attention and interaction. It's a style where shadows play an integral role, subtly accentuating the raised effect of each letter. The result? A timeless design that conveys luxury, strength, and elegance.

Step-by-step with BHMA: Creating the Classic Embossed Look

  1. Sketching the Base: Start by drafting the letters in their basic form. Keep lines crisp and uniform to ensure clarity once embossed.

  2. Adding Shadows: The magic of embossing truly shines through with the play of light and shadow. For the Classic Embossed style, shadows typically fall beneath and to the side of each letter, adding depth and dimension. Gently shade the areas where shadows naturally occur.

  3. Highlighting Raised Areas: Just as shadows bring depth, highlights elevate the raised sections. Lightly accentuate the top and opposite side of the shadowed areas to create a 3D effect that truly pops.

Why Choose BHMA for Classic Embossed Lettering?

Our range of Fully Formed 3D Lettering perfectly complements the Classic Embossed style. Crafted with precision, our letters ensure that the embossed effect is not just seen but felt, creating a tangible connection with your audience.

Furthermore, our free fixing template ensures that installing these letters becomes a seamless process, preserving the beauty and integrity of your design.

Applications: Classic Embossed lettering by BHMA is incredibly versatile. From business cards that leave a lasting impression to boutique shop signs, and even elegant corporate branding, this style transcends boundaries, making it a go-to choice for those aiming to merge tradition with modernity.

In a world awash with fleeting design trends, the Classic Embossed style stands tall and timeless. And with BHMA by your side, you're not just choosing a lettering style; you're making a statement of class and quality. 

Flat Cut Foamex Letters

Style 2: Floating Dimension

Elevate your designs to new heights with the Floating Dimension style. A breathtaking blend of depth and perspective, this 3D lettering approach seems to defy gravity, making letters float above their canvas, capturing imaginations and drawing in onlookers with its magnetic allure.

What is Floating Dimension?

The Floating Dimension is a mesmerising style where letters appear to hover just above the surface. This visual trickery creates an illusion of space between the letter and its backdrop. The result is a dynamic, modern design that seems to be in motion, challenging traditional notions of typography.

Step-by-step with BHMA: Achieving the Floating Dimension Look

  1. Setting Vanishing Points: The key to mastering the Floating Dimension is understanding perspective. Begin by determining one or more vanishing points. This will guide the angle and direction in which your letters appear to float.

  2. Drawing Letters in Perspective: Using the vanishing points as guides, sketch your letters so that they seem to recede or project outwards. This perspective is what gives the illusion of floating.

  3. Adding Floating Shadows: Shadows play a crucial role in cementing the floating illusion. Cast soft, diffused shadows on the surface beneath each letter. The length and direction of the shadow can enhance the perceived height and angle of the floating letters.

Why Opt for BHMA for Floating Dimension Lettering?

Our Moulded Acrylic Letters are an impeccable fit for the Floating Dimension style. Their precision cut and defined edges lend themselves beautifully to creating shadows and depth, essential for this technique. When paired with our free fixing template, you can position and install these letters to perfection, ensuring maximum visual impact.

Applications: The Floating Dimension style is a top pick for those looking to infuse a touch of modernity and movement. Ideal for dynamic brands, tech startups, event banners, and even futuristic-themed projects, this style resonates with audiences looking for something fresh and forward-thinking.

With the Floating Dimension, you're not just designing; you're creating an experience, a moment of wonder for your audience. Transparent Glass Effect

Style 3: Transparent Glass Effect

This 3D lettering style melds clarity with creativity, offering a pristine yet powerful visual impact. Letters in this style mimic the translucent properties of glass or water, allowing underlying designs to shine through while still holding their distinct presence.

What is the Transparent Glass Effect?

The Transparent Glass Effect is all about achieving an illusory translucence in lettering, where letters appear as if they're made of clear glass or water. This style captivates onlookers by allowing the background to filter through the letters while presenting a sleek, glossy finish reminiscent of polished glass.

Step-by-step with BHMA: Crafting the Transparent Glass Effect

  1. Outlining the Base: Begin by sketching the desired letters in their basic form, ensuring that the lines are smooth and continuous, akin to the surface of a glass pane.

  2. Adding Reflections and Refractions: The beauty of glass lies in its interaction with light. Emulate this by adding highlights on the letters where light would naturally hit and refract. Consider the light source and integrate reflected imagery or distortions to enhance the glassy illusion.

  3. Polishing for a Realistic Look: To perfect the Transparent Glass Effect, add subtle gradients to give the letters depth and a three-dimensional form. Finish by adding a soft shine or gleam, especially at the letter edges, to mimic the light play on real glass.

Why Choose BHMA for Transparent Glass Effect Lettering?

Our Flat Cut Acrylic Letters are the epitome of perfection for this style. Their pristine finish, combined with the inherent translucence of acrylic, brings the Transparent Glass Effect to life. And with our complimentary fixing template, installation becomes a breeze, ensuring that your designs remain unblemished and true to your vision.

Applications: The Transparent Glass Effect is a stellar choice for brands aiming to exude sophistication and modernity. From luxury boutiques to high-end tech brands, spa logos, or any backdrop that benefits from a touch of elegance, this style seamlessly integrates while adding a touch of luxe.

The Transparent Glass Effect isn't just a style; it's an ode to clarity, precision, and elegance.

flat Cut Exterior MDF Letters

Style 4: Layered Paper Cut-Out

This 3D lettering technique transports viewers to a world of depth and texture, reminiscent of intricate handcrafted paper art. Layers upon layers, this style evokes feelings of nostalgia while seamlessly blending with contemporary design sensibilities.

What is the Layered Paper Cut-Out Effect?

The Layered Paper Cut-Out style is inspired by traditional papercraft. Here, letters give the illusion of being crafted from multiple layers of paper stacked upon one another, resulting in a raised, tactile effect that is both visually engaging and delightful to touch.

Step-by-step with BHMA: Creating the Layered Paper Cut-Out Look

  1. Choosing a Colour Palette: The essence of this style lies in its layered appearance. Select a harmonious colour palette with varying shades to represent different layers. This gradient effect enhances the overall depth perception.

  2. Creating the Layered Effect with Shadows: To emphasise the layering, incorporate shadows between each perceived layer. This shadowing gives volume to the letters and enhances the paper stacking illusion.

  3. Enhancing Depth with Paper Textures: Infuse authenticity by overlaying subtle paper textures on each layer. Whether it's the grain of handcrafted paper or the smooth finish of cardstock, these details bring the Layered Paper Cut-Out effect to life.

Why Collaborate with BHMA for Layered Paper Cut-Out Lettering?

Our Moulded Acrylic Letters and Fully Formed 3D Lettering are exceptional choices for this style. Their distinct dimensions and pronounced edges lend themselves beautifully to creating the stacked paper illusion. Paired with our free fixing template, these letters can be positioned to maximise the layered effect, ensuring your design truly pops.

Applications: The Layered Paper Cut-Out style resonates deeply with brands that celebrate craftsmanship, artistry, and creativity. It's a perfect fit for artisanal boutiques, craft workshops, children's brands, and even eclectic eateries that wish to convey warmth and originality.

The Layered Paper Cut-Out effect, with its delicate layers and rich textures, is more than just a design style; it's a celebration of art, tradition, and modernity. At BHMA, we're committed to helping you craft this beautiful narrative. Join hands with us, and let's unfold the layers of your story, one exquisite letter at a time.

Aluminium Letters Mirror Finish

Style 5: Neon Retro Glow

Illuminate your designs with a radiant burst of nostalgia through the Neon Retro Glow style. This electrifying 3D lettering technique is a throwback to the glitz and glamour of the 80s, merging the past's vibrant energy with today's cutting-edge design sensibilities.

What is the Neon Retro Glow Effect?

The Neon Retro Glow shows the beauty of neon signs that once adorned nightclubs, diners, and arcades. Letters radiate with vibrant colours, surrounded by a halo of glowing light, capturing the essence of a time when neon ruled the night.

Step-by-step with BHMA: Mastering the Neon Retro Glow Look

  1. Sketching Thick Block Letters: Start with bold, chunky lettering to ensure that the neon effect stands out. The thicker the letters, the more room there is to play with the glow and achieve that quintessential neon look.

  2. Applying Neon Colours: Dive into a palette of bright, electric hues like hot pink, electric blue, and neon green. Fill the letters with these vibrant colours, ensuring uniformity and saturation for that retro appeal.

  3. Adding Glow Effects and Reflections: To truly bring the neon to life, add a soft outer glow around each letter. Intensify the brightness at the edges and add reflections on any nearby surfaces to mimic the real-life luminosity of neon lights.

Why Partner with BHMA for Neon Retro Glow Lettering?

Our Flat Cut Aluminium Letters are the ideal canvas for the Neon Retro Glow style. Their robust and smooth finish serves as the perfect backdrop for the neon colours and ensures durability. Our inclusive fixing template aids in achieving precise placements, allowing the neon effect to shine brilliantly without any distractions.

Applications: The Neon Retro Glow is tailor-made for brands and settings that exude vibrancy and energy. From nightclubs, retro-themed cafes, and game arcades to promotional posters for musical gigs or 80s-themed events, this style promises to steal the show and transport viewers back in time.

With the Neon Retro Glow style, every word becomes a radiant statement, pulsating with memories and melodies of a bygone era. At BHMA, we're thrilled to light up your vision with this luminous design. Let's turn back the clock together, illuminating the present with the vibrant glow of the past.


From the tactile depths of Classic Embossed to the luminous aura of Neon Retro Glow, we've journeyed through the captivating realm of 3D lettering styles. Elevate your designs and let your brand stand out with these dynamic approaches. Ready to bring these styles to life? Explore and purchase our range of 3D signs on the BHMA website today.

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