POS Marketing and Advertising Questions Answered


What is the maximum quantity of items I can order?

Unlimited, dependent only on the time frame you have and the method of payment.

Do I receive a discount on bulk orders?

All of our prices are trade prices, however on larger quantities of a single item a quotation will be given for the quantity you require, which will be less than the published price

Can you Palletise orders of large quantity to one address?

Yes, we use euro pallets which measure 1200mm x 800mm. They can be loaded with 1 ton or to 2 metres high.



Can you make, or source products for me?

Yes we can, call 061 763 1072 and we will be happy to help.

How long from order are personalised boards?

Personalised products will be delivered within 10-15 working days where possible.

How long will it take to receive a quote?

Quotes are a priority for BHMA, we try to reply to your request within 24 hours. However some quotes are more technical and may require longer. Whatever the case we will inform you of the quote status within 24 hours.

Can I order by fax, phone or email instead of on line?

Yes, by any method you choose.

When will I receive my goods?

As soon as your order is received it enters our system of picking, invoicing and despatch. Orders can be prioritised by you, our customer, when you have an urgent need for one of our products. We will respond to meet deadlines set, at every opportunity. All orders are subject to stock levels at the time of your order. Bulk orders will have a quoted delivery time frame. If a mixture of stock and personalised items are ordered we will despatch all of your order together at the latter point to avoid excess carriage charges.

Do you supply to anyone?

Yes, we supply to everyone.

What do I do if I am not happy?

Please call our sales team on 0161 763 1072, they will try their hardest to remedy your problem. We are proud of our reputation, and aim to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.



What fonts do you have for personalisation?

We have a large number of fonts on our system. If you have a font, which we don’t have, this can be emailed to us, or we will recommend an alternative.

Can I supply my own artwork and logo?

Yes you can. You can send your artwork/logo through to us by email or on a disc. Our preferred format is jpeg. Your artwork should be sent, 100 d.p.i. (at the print size). We have a design team to create artwork should you need, prices are available on request.



Are your boards double sided?

Many of our boards are double sided, if you are unsure if your particular choice is double sided, check with our sales team when ordering.­

Do you have products that are not on this website?

Yes, the website represents approximately 5% of our business. 95% comes from designing bespoke products for our customer needs.

Which pens are used inside or outside?

Illumigraph and Posterman Wet Wipe are recommended for interior use. Posterman waterproof are recommended for exterior use.

Can I use pens on glass?

Yes you can, we recommend our Posterman waterproof pens for use on glass and all other nonporous surfaces Outline your artwork with a black pen for additional impact.

What do I clean pens off with?

Illumigraph & Posterman Wet Wipe pens are removable with a damp cloth. Posterman Waterproof are removable with EaziKleen Chalkpen Cleaner.

What is Eaziwipe?

Eaziwipe™ is our patented chalkboard laminate surface. EaziWipe behaves in exactly the same way as regular chalkboard, but needs no maintenance or repainting and is guaranteed for 5 years against staining.

Are all blackboards black?

The chalkboard area is black, but this area can have a coloured surround of your choice.

What wood do you use for ‘A’ Boards and wall boards?

We try to use Mahogany, Beech, Oak and other colours. We may use the actual woods themselves or substitute woods, such as Tiama, Sapele, Oroco, etc. to achieve the end result. Wood availability on the open market varies from day to day.

Can I have my wooden products stained to any colour?

Yes, we can quote for this service.

Do you supply hanging chains for your hanging boards?

Yes if they are specified, otherwise we can add them on to your request.

How can I stop my A’ Board from blowing over?

If your board is too big to be brought inside at night, or in times of bad weather, the best thing to do is place a sand bag over the middle supporting struts, which will help anchor the board ‑­

down or purchase our ‘A’ board fixing kit, which comprises of a lock and chain mechanism.



WEEE Mark. Stands for:- Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2002/96/EC and 2003/108/EC

CE Mark. There are about 25 Directives requiring CE marking. Examples of European Directives requiring CE marking include toy safety, machinery, low-voltage equipment, R&TTE compatibility etc.

R&TTE. Stands for:- Radio and Telecommunications terminal equipment.

VAT. Value Added Tax, a percentage set by the Government.

TM Trade Marked

LED. Light-Emitting Diode. An LED is usually a small area light source, often with optics added to the chip to shape its radiation pattern.

12V DC. 12 Volts Direct Current (like a battery).

240AC. 240 Volts Alternating Current (like a mains socket in a house).

H W & D. Height Width and Depth measurements.

Kg. Kilograms, equivalent to 2.2 imperial pounds.



How do I know how much carriage is?

Carriage varies depending on the weight of the items that you are ordering. This site will calculate this for you.

Do you deliver anywhere in the world?


What happens if my goods arrive damaged?

You have 24 hours to inform us as to whether your products were damaged on delivery. Thereafter we can take no responsibility as goods may have been damaged after delivery. Within the 24 hours, please call the office to have your products replaced and uplifted.­



Are my products guaranteed?

Yes. They are guaranteed against faulty workmanship. We confirm that we adhere to the Sale of Goods Act in all respects.

With regard to chilled display cabinets, Osborne; the manufacturer, guarantee your product. The guarantee is for a period of two years from the date of delivery. The guarantee/warrantee covers you against manufacturing defect. The serial number from the cabinet must be quoted to Osborne directly, by yourself. Their telephone number is 01243 267711. Problems caused by improper use, or problems caused by the lack of maintenance, are not covered by the guarantee/warrantee. All costs generated by call outs by you, the customer, where the cause of the fault or defect has been improper use or lack of maintenance will be charged on a ‘mileage plus time cost’ basis, to BHMA by Osborne. This cost will be passed to you the customer. Light tubes and door gaskets are not covered.



Do I have to pay VAT if I am outside the United Kingdom?

VAT is charged to all in the UK, companies registered for VAT can claim it back. Outside the UK and within the EU, VAT is not charged to companies registered for VAT when a bone fide VAT number is produced. Outside the EU VAT is not charged.

When will I receive a VAT receipt?

Generally receipts are despatched with your goods or emailed when your order is being processed.



How can I open an account?

Call our office and request an account, we will email an application to you. If you are a Limited Company but as yet have no accounts lodged with Companies House, or you are a small business who hasn't submitted accounts to the Inland Revenue yet, we will need to take up bank references. Once your bank have replied, we will let you know what credit limit we can award you on a monthly basis. You will need to sign and return one of our Terms and Conditions of Payment forms, in any case to activate your account. In the meantime you can order on a pro-forma invoice basis.

How can I pay BHMA?

You can pay on-line with your card details, and it is secure. However; if you have any reservations, email or call us. As we are a registered mail order company we can take your card details over the telephone. 

Do you charge extra for Credit or Debit card payments?


Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes. Please confirm at the time of order, you have paid by this method.

we will then be able to send over our bank details.

Can I have cash on delivery?

No, all goods have to be paid for in advance unless you or your company have an approved credit facility.

Can the delivery address and invoice address be different?

Yes. However this is dependant on the arrangements we have with you or your company. For credit/debit card users, it will depend on the policy of the credit/debit card company you have selected to use.


What credit facilities can I have?

This is dependant on your projected volume of purchase.­



Our 7-day returns guarantee means that if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to us in its original condition within 7 days of the date you received the item. To qualify for credit, all returned goods must be in the original packaging and in a re-saleable condition. We reserve the right to levy a 20% restocking charge where we deem applicable. Note: this does not apply to personalised or bespoke products.

If the product is damaged in any way or has become broken in transit this must be notified to our sales team on sales@bhma.co.uk or call 0161 763 1072 within 3 working days of receipt otherwise no liability will be accepted.

If your goods are deemed to be faulty please call our customer services team on 0161 763 1072 or email sales@bhma.co.uk

Nothing in this Returns Policy affects your statutory rights or your rights under any contract you may have with us.




Is BHMA a member of a larger organisation?

BHMA is a trading name of Carrick leather goods co ltd

What does ‘Visual Communication’ mean?

Any product that the customer would see to obtain information from i.e., a poster, a table number, and a plasma screen all communicate visually.

What does BHMA stand for?

BHMA is a Greek word, pronounced veemar, meaning to step ahead. Quite by accident this name was chosen, as originally BHMA were the initials of the founding Directors.