Wall Mounted Barriers

When there isn't enough room for conventional barrier solutions, it can be challenging to keep patrons and visitors securely out of restricted areas and employee-only zones or to guide them through checkout lines in an orderly fashion. Our wall mounted retractable belt barriers are an affordable option that is practical, simple to install, and inconspicuously out of the way, assisting you in maintaining order and safety for both employees and consumers.

One of the most useful and space-efficient forms of crowd control systems, wall-mounted retractable barrier systems are appropriate for all kinds of locations or events. A retractable belt from one wall bracket is connected to a stanchion post or another wall bracket for operation. The most typical applications for these retractable barrier types are crowd management, designing human movement, and safety on building sites.

We sell standard wall-mounted retractable queue barriers with a silver wall bracket and a black webbing belt; these are in stock for fast UK dispatch.

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