Recommended Paper Materials For Posters


To ensure best performance against condensation/moisture ingress in outdoor poster advertising, we recommend:

For 1-3 Months Life

Wet Strength Water Resistant or Waterproof Paper (115-200gsm)

Additives included during paper manufacture prevent the paper from breaking apart when in contact with moisture, ensuring it remains strong and stable.  These are common specifications for short to medium term poster campaigns and billboard advertising.

For 3 Months Life

Lamination - 'Encapsulating a paper poster in a thin sheet of plastic'.

This is also the only means of creating posters for outdoor use when 'water based' inks are unsed.  Delivers reliable performance if the encapsulation is made to seal around the whole perimeter of the poster.

Printing onto Plastic - Synthetic Paper (80 microns polyproylene), sometimes called 'Poly Poster' or 220 micron sheet PVC are cost effective alternatives for longer-life poser applications. e.g. displaying a business service offer, restaurant menus or repeating a seasonal promotion.