Table Numbers

Table numbers are a necessity for many businesses and displaying your message correctly with style is important. First impressions count!

Restaurant Table numbers are manufactured from a variety of materials including wooden table numbers acrylic table numbers and aluminium table numbers.

We can also print onto our metal table numbers to ensure your corporate identity is maintained. If you would like any further information on table numbers please call 0161 763 1072


  • Durability - resistance to wear and tear, designed for long-term use
  • Versatility - can be used for a variety of purposes, such as table numbers or labelling tables at events.
  • Elegant design - stylish and attractive design to enhance the overall look of the event.
  • Easy to read - clear and legible font for easy identification of table numbers. Easy to use - simple and straightforward to use with no special setup required.
  • Good visibility - ability to see the table numbers clearly from a distance.
  • Lightweight - lightweight design making it easy to manoeuvre and handle.
  • Affordability - cost-effective and budget-friendly, providing a cost-efficient solution for table numbering.
  • Size options - available in different sizes to fit the needs of various events and table sizes.
  • Customisability - ability to personalise with different colours, fonts, and designs to match the theme of the event.
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