Roller Banners

Roller Banners are often referred to as Roll Up Banners, Pop Up Banners or Pull Up Banners. Great for exhibitons, conferences, presentations and trade shows.

The Roller Banner industry is flooded with cheaper budget banners, be careful! Have a look at the graphic specification and you may see they are using standard PVC. There are a number of problems with using standard PVC; Firstly the graphic will not sit flat as shown in their pictures, it will curl quite dramatically on the left and right hand edges. Also if there is any light behind the unit you will see the shadow of the pole running down the centre of the graphic rendering the unit as good as unusable.

Our roller banners are all printed onto SoFlat Grey Backed Light Stop material whether the unit is a budget entry level roller banner or a premium professional unit.

This enables us to offer our roller banners in the complete confidence that you will be absolutely delighted with your purchase.

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