Portable Literature Stands

Are you trying to find a simple way to move printed materials between trade exhibitions, advertising events, and other busy places? No matter if the venue is on-site or off-site, our mobile literature stands come in folding and rolling designs to put informational handouts like magazines, brochures, and product catalogues right in front of your customer.

These portable pamphlet racks keep printed material well organised and accessible, yet are lightweight and set up or break down in seconds so you can get the show on the road. Provide takeaway product information packets to customers using portable literature stands so that even if they leave without making a purchase, they will still have something to consider and contact you about later.

Many exhibitors use these racks in place of an additional salesman, giving potential clients the opportunity to learn more about your business before being assisted or to take a brochure with them if they do not have time to listen to your entire demonstration.

Compact and lightweight alternatives that can easily fit in our car or work van are collapsible portable literature stands. Rolling magazine racks, on the other hand, are excellent for rearranging printed promotional materials across departments.

Our portable literature stands are ideal for trade shows, exhibitions and other events where you need to display a flyer, leaflet, magazine or brochure.


  • Portability - the ability to easily move the stand from one location to another
  • Durability - resistance to wear and tear, designed for long-term use
  • Adjustable height - the capability to adjust the height of the stand to fit different needs
  • Easy assembly - quick and straightforward setup without the need for special tools
  • Compact design - compact size allowing it to fit into small spaces and easy to store
  • Lightweight - lightweight design making it easy to carry and manoeuvre
  • Stable base - a sturdy base to prevent the stand from tipping over
  • Multiple display options - the ability to display brochures in different ways (e.g. tiered or single-sided)
  • Good visibility - the ability to see the brochures clearly from a distance
  • Affordability - cost-effective and budget-friendly, providing a cost-efficient marketing solution.
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