How to Choose Menu Covers

Introduction to Menu Covers


When you walk into a restaurant, one of the first things you interact with is the menu. Menu covers not only protect the menu inside but also set the tone for the dining experience. They are a reflection of the restaurant's theme and style.



Types of Menu Covers


Folder-Shaped Menu Covers: Traditional and commonly used. They're versatile and can be designed to reflect a range of restaurant styles.


American Menu Covers: These are modern and transparent, showcasing the menu items efficiently. They save space and protect self-printed menus from wear and tear.


Menu Holders vs. Menu Covers: Menu Holders are designed for displaying menus at the table. These are usually in the form of wood or plastic stands or clips that a set of menu cards can be placed in for easy access.


Menu Covers, typically folder-shaped, are intended for customer handling and often contain protective sleeves. Covers are better for menus with more pages, especially if you rotate your menus around the seasons.


Selecting the Right Material


The material of your menu cover plays a pivotal role in both its function and aesthetics.


PVC: A low-cost option that’s resistant to water damage. Great for pubs, cafes, and restaurants that need durability without a high price tag.


Fabric: Treated fabric adds a homely, comfortable feel, ideal for cafes and coffee shops. Our material menus offer a variety of designs, colours, and textures all with a durable wipeable finish.


Plastic: Highly durable and suitable for busy, modern establishments. Plastic covers are available in various colours and are damage-resistant.


Leather: Offers a traditional, luxurious feel. Synthetic leather is a popular alternative, providing durability with an attractive design. Recycled leather offers a cost-saving on genuine leather finishes.


Wood: Commonly used for the front and back cover, we make the spine from buckram, a treated fabric in a choice of colours. Wood menus are rigid and add a natural feel to your menus.


Menu Cover Sizes and Their Impact


The size of your menu cover should align with your restaurant’s style and the length of your menu.


A4 Menu Covers: Provide ample space for detailed menus. Ideal for restaurants with extensive menu options.


A5 Menu Covers: Smaller, more discreet, and easier to handle. Suitable for menus with fewer items or use in smaller dining spaces. You can also save space using our ⅔ or ½ A4 sizes.


Choosing the Right Colour for Your Menu Cover


The colour of your menu cover can subtly influence your customers' dining experience. Here's how different colours can impact the ambience:


Blue/Black: Adds a regal air often associated with posher establishments, especially when mixed with a gold or silver embossed logo.


Pink: Often associated with sweet, delicate flavours. Pink is ideal for dessert menus or cafes with a light, airy theme.


Green: Suggests freshness and natural ingredients - a great choice for health-focused or vegetarian restaurants.


Orange: Known to stimulate appetite. Works well for casual dining or eateries with a vibrant, energetic atmosphere.


Yellow: Captures attention and exudes cheerfulness, but should be used sparingly to avoid overwhelming diners.


Cleaning and Storage of Menu Covers


Proper maintenance extends the life of your menu covers:
Cleaning: Most covers can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Ensure they are fully dried to prevent moisture damage.


Storage: Consider presentation boxes for neat storage and easy access. This also helps in maintaining hygiene by reducing direct handling.




Design and Customization Options


Personalising your menu covers can enhance your restaurant's brand identity:
Custom Designs: From unique shapes to themed illustrations, custom designs make your menu covers stand out.


Logo Decorations: Options like foil stamping or embossing add a professional touch and reinforce brand recognition.


Social sharing of your venue is greatly increased with good branded menus as people want to be associated with popular brands.


This comprehensive guide on choosing menu covers aims to help you make informed decisions that align with your restaurant's theme and operational needs. Remember, a well-chosen menu cover not only protects your menu but also contributes significantly to the overall dining experience of your customers.


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